Color: Black

30 denier tights from Zizzi.

Gorgeous and comfortable pair of tights made from a soft nylon fabric with good hold. The tights are run-resistant, which ensures that they don’t ladder easily should they get a hole.

Denier indicates the thickness and opacity of tights. 30 denier is the classic tights for parties, as it is slightly sheer.

Run resistant 30 denier tights, Black, Model Run resistant 30 denier tights, Black, Model
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Shapewear dress with thin straps, Black, Packshot
Color: Black

Shapewear dress from Zizzi.

Zizzi Shapewear is made to shape your curves in a beautiful, natural way. Zizzi Shapewear is worn underneath your clothing, so your clothes fit your body even more beautifully

The following applies to the shapewear dress;

* Tightens and shapes your body
* Supports and accentuates the bust
* Makes you look a size smaller
* Slims the waist, tummy and diaphragm
* Held in place by a silicone band at the bottom edge
* Soft elasticated edges
* Made in seamless material
* Cannot be seen through clothing and leaves no marks on the body
* Can be washed again and again without losing elasticity and strength

Zizzi Shapewear can be worn under all kinds of clothing. We recommend that you purchase your shapewear in a size smaller than you normally use, to achieve the full effect. Shapewear should be tight to put on.

Shapewear dress with thin straps, Black, Image Shapewear dress with thin straps, Black, Model
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Color: Black

Boots from Zizzi.

Leather boots with high leg and chunky sole, which is designed with a wide fit. The boots have extra width in the leg as well as elastic gussets and zip, to ensure the best fit around the calf.

Heel height: 5,5 cm

Measure the length of your foot and find your size in the table under Product Measurements.
The fit is factored into the sizes, so you only need to take into account the length of your foot.

If in doubt, go up a size.

Read more in our shoe guide

Leather requires special care. You can read more about how to best care for your leather boots here.

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