We at Zizzi know that it is a challenge for curvy women to find clothing that fits their body type perfectly. Curvy women ARE very different from one another. That is why we have developed five figure types that will make it easier for you to find the styles that enhance your curves in the best way possible. The five figure types are based on the relation between the bust, waist and hips. The starting point is always the hips and the figure type depends on the relation to the bust and waist.


How to use the guide: Your hips are the starting point. Measuring your waist and bust and the relation of those to your hips gives you your shape. If your waist and bust are smaller than your hips that makes you teardrop-shaped.


If you know your figure type and what you look good in, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration. We have all been in the situation where a dress looks fantastic on a friend but not at all when we put it on. This is probably because she has a different figure type – even if you are both curvy, it is no guarantee that you will look good in each other’s clothing.

Here are the five figure types so that you can find your own.


If you are A-shaped, or teardrop-shaped, you should focus on shoulders and waist. Go for darker trousers that do not draw attention to the lower body. The cut of the top should be above or below the widest spot on the hips – never right over the hips!

Good tips:

  • Remember to keep trousers and shoes in the same colour – it makes the legs look longer
  • Puff sleeves and shoulder pads create width and harmony between shoulders and hips
  • A wide neckline and a short necklace move the focus to the chest


Women with an hourglass X-figure should focus on their waist. Enhance the curves with garments with a narrow waist and discreet colours that help to create a harmonious look.

Good tips:

  • A highly placed belt gives the legs extra length
  • Keep the same colour on upper and lower body with only a contrasting belt that enhances the waist


With an H-shape you can choose freely to highlight bust, waist or hip. This figure type has a natural harmony and allows you the freedom to create a look of your choosing. Use colour, accessories and print to create a soft and feminine look or a rougher, more masculine look.

Good tips:

  • Keep the same colour on skirt, tights and shoes to give the legs extra length
  • A pair of rough jeans and a feminine top give a cool, dynamic and edgy look


If you have an apple shape, draw focus to the bust or the hips but not both, as this frames the waist and you want to avoid drawing attention to the waist. It is also a good idea to think about whether it is the body or the legs that become longer.

Good tips:

  • A V-neck gives a pretty focus to the chest
  • Choose subtle colours and materials around the waist and necklaces or scarves to create length
  • A pair of eye-catching trousers gives focus to the legs


Women with an oval figure type benefit from going more towards the feminine look and emphasising their hips. An oval shape can often seem a little masculine, so it is important to use feminine cuts and attributes. The best advice is to focus on the hips and to downplay the bust and waist.

Good tips:

  • Use blouses that finish just below the hips
  • Light trousers emphasise the hips and create a feminine look
  • Vertical stripes on the upper body are the oldest trick – but they work!