Zizzi collections

Zizzi collections

Collections based on trends and design values

Zizzi's collections and designs stem from the core values that characterise Zizzi's identity. It is important to us that there is always a specific design direction that clearly characterises the brand's interpretation of the season's trends. This ensures that our customers can recognise Zizzi season after season.

All Zizzi's collections are therefore created with the following three core values in mind:

Inspiration - At Zizzi, we are always on the lookout for new trends and fashion, which we interpret with courage and curiosity.

Femininity - We work passionately to create a sophisticated look that highlights the strength and sensuality of curvy women by emphasising the female body and its curves.

Confident Presentation - We want our brand and the products in our collections to create a sense of coolness, thus enhancing our customers' appearance by providing the opportunity to create a complete and personal look.