Terms of trade

Welcome to Zizzi Denmark ApS’s official webshop, www.zizzifashion.com (“The Webshop”).

By using our Webshop you agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. If you do not accept the Terms & Conditions by actively checking the box for each purchase, you cannot order or purchase goods on the Webshop. Accordingly, please make sure that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions before placing any orders

You must be at least 18 years of age to use the Webshop. Further, kindly note that the Webshop is for consumers only, i.e. you can only purchase goods for your personal use or as a gift to others.

The Webshop is owned and offered by Zizzi Denmark Aps (“Zizzi”, “we” or “us”), CVR. No. 14 01 75 77, Kløvermarken 29, 7190 Billund, phone: 0045 69 16 59 09, email help@zizzifashion.com.

Purchase agreements with Zizzi can be entered in Danish or English.

Should you have any questions, etc., in relation to your purchase, please contact our customer service at help@zizzifashion.com.

1. Placing an order

On the Webshop, you will be able to see a range of information about the products, including material selec-tion, sizes, colours, characteristics, measurements, care instructions and prices.

Prices on the Webshop are in EUR including VAT, however excluding shipping costs.

Shipping costs are excluded as they vary depending on the total purchase price, please see section 6 below. Shipping costs are clearly shown during the payment process. If we are unable to deliver your order in one installment, there will be no extra charge for subsequent deliveries.

In your shopping basket you will be able to see all items you have selected, as well as the total price of all items selected. The total price is in EUR and includes VAT and shipping costs.

The purpose of providing this information is to give you the best possible conditions to assess a product before you place an order on the Webshop.

We update our Webshop on a continuous basis. However, there may be cases in which we are unable to deliv-er an item shown on the Webshop or for the price shown. In case a price is obviously incorrect - and you should have known that this was the case, we are not obligated to sell the item(s) in question at the incorrect price. This also applies to promotional codes providing for unreasonably high discounts. In both cases we have a right to cancel the order. We will inform you hereof and you will of course be able to buy the products at the normal price.

You therefore accept that the Webshop is solely an invitation for you to make an offer to us. This means, that we are under no obligation to deliver the item(s) you have ordered, as no binding purchase agreement has been entered into with Zizzi, until you have received the invoice, an order number and the money has been withdrawn for your account.

Please note that prices in our stores, catalogues, and on the Webshop may vary.

2. Payment

You have the option to pay for your order using the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Payment by card is made through an encrypted, secure and authenticated connection via the payment proces-sor Adyen.

Your credit card information will not be stored by Zizzi. Your credit card information is handled by our payment providers Adyen or PayPal. It is therefore not possible for an external party to obtain your credit card infor-mation in our system.

The payment will only be withdrawn from your account once you receive the invoice from us, an order number, and your order has been shipped from our warehouse. It is not until this point that a binding agreement is entered into by you and Zizzi.

Zizzi retains ownership of the goods sold, regardless of whether delivery has taken place, until the entire pur-chase price and any interest and/or fees have been paid.

3. Order confirmation

Once you have completed your order on the Webshop and your payment method has been accepted, you will receive an automatically generated email from us with an order confirmation.

The email includes a summary of your order, i.e. type, size, colour, and price incl. VAT and delivery costs, as well as your order number. You should save this email in case you need it for later use, for example if you need to contact our customer service.

The automatically generated email does not indicate that we have accepted your order. Rather, it is a means of informing you that we have received your order and that we will now process it.  

4. How we handle your order

Once you have completed your order on the Webshop, our warehouse will receive notice hereof. This is to allow us to ensure that the item(s) are in stock as well as to ensure delivery as soon as possible.

If the product is in stock, we will ship the product to you as soon as possible.

If your order was placed at the Webshop on a weekday before 3 PM, we will strive to dispatch your order the same day.

If your order was placed after 3 PM or on a weekend or bank holiday, your products will generally be dis-patched the following business day.

In case we are unable to deliver the goods although it appears on the Webshop by mistake, e.g. in the quantity you ordered, the item(s) being out of stock or being discontinued, you will receive an email informing of this and you will be credited for the missing item(s). Any discounts will also be credited to the order.

5. Shipping information

When your order is shipped from the warehouse, you will receive an email with your invoice and an order num-ber, and we will withdraw payment from your account. If you have purchased several items, and one or more of them are in back order, payment for these will not be withdrawn until they have been shipped.

Please note that no binding purchase agreement has been entered into with Zizzi until you receive the invoice from us, your order number and the money has been withdrawn for your account.

The email will also include the following information, which is relevant to you and which you should keep:

  • Tracking number for DHL Parcel Connect or DHL Express
  • Your purchase invoice
  • These Terms and Conditions
6. Delivery and information

We offer delivery in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal (NO SHIPPING TO POSTAL CODE 9xxx), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Spain (Balearic Islands).

We use DHL for delivering your goods.

Your order will be delivered within [3 – 9 working days] after you have placed your order. You can trace your order through the Track & Trace number provided in the email we sent to you, when the order shipped from our warehouse.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any responsibility if you receive your order later than expected, e.g. due to delays in transit times at the carrier’s end

You can have your goods delivered by post to either a pick-up point or your chosen delivery address.

Goods are considered delivered once you have them in your possession, i.e. when the goods are delivered to your address or you have picked them up from a parcel delivery point.

Shipping price:
Purchases under €49
Home delivery - €6,95
Purchases over €49
Home delivery - FREE

7. Shipment errors

If, to our regret, we fail to deliver the items you ordered and that are listed on your invoice and/or delivery note, please contact customer services  (see section. 15) https://help.zizzifashion.com/hc/en-gb/sections/13083468404637who will ask you to provide your order number. We will then investigate your order further and get back to you as soon as possible.

8. Right of withdrawal and returns

If you are a member of Club Zizzi, you have the right to withdraw from your purchase without providing a rea-son from the date you placed the order and up to 100 days after the date on which you - or a third party indi-cated by you, who is not the carrier – physically received the parcel.

If you are not a member of Club Zizzi, you have 30 days to withdraw from your purchase, after having physical-ly receive the parcel.

If you have ordered several items in one order and we cannot deliver the goods at the same time, the with-drawal period starts when you or another person you have chosen (excluding the carrier) takes physical pos-session of the last items.

If the time-limit expires on a public holiday, Saturday, bank holiday, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the time limit is extended to the following working day.

If you wish to withdraw from your order and return the goods, please use the printed return label found in your parcel. Included in the parcel is also a return note with an overview of the purchased items as well as infor-mation regarding returns.

The return note and return label printed with “Return Parcel” must be used if you want to return one or more of the items you purchased, for example if you wish to withdraw from your purchase agreement or if you wish to submit a complaint about one or more items.

Alternatively, you also have a right to withdraw from your purchase by filling out the model cancellation form attached to these Terms and Conditions (scroll all the way down) or here.

If you have lost the printed “Return Parcel” label, please contact customer service at help@zizzifashion.com.

You can also choose to withdraw from your purchase in other ways. In this case, notice of withdrawal must be clearly stated and sent within either 100 days (Club Zizzi members only) or 30 days. In both instances, the notice of withdrawal should be sent to:

Zizzi Denmark ApS
Kløvermarken 29
7190 Billund - Denmark

Prices for returning with use of a return label:
Non Club Zizzi Member
Pick-up point - €9
Home delivery - €9
Club Zizzi Member
Pick-up point - FREE
Home delivery - FREE

If you chose to exercise your right of withdrawal in relation to a purchase made on the Webshop, we will re-fund payment(s) received from you in respect to the returned item(s), by use of same payment method as your initial order, including the shipping costs, but excluding the return costs of €8.  

If you choose to keep some items, thus only cancelling part of your order, the shipping costs will not be re-funded.

If you choose to return the item(s) in any way other than using the provided return label, we are not required to cover any costs related to this, irrespective of you being a member of Club Zizzi.

The refund will be issued without undue delay and within 14 days from the date on which we processed your return. You will be able to see your refund in your account in 2-30 days, depending on the type of card used.

However, we can withhold a refund until we have received the item(s) you returned, or until you have provided proof that you have returned the item(s) – whichever occurs sooner.

Condition of the goods when you return them

When you return the item, it must be in a sellable condition and as new. This means that you may test the item in the manner necessary to determine its nature, characteristics or functioning. In other words, you can try the product as if you were looking at it in a physical store, but you cannot use it.

If you have tried the product in a way other than that described above and this has resulted in its value being reduced, you are responsible for this and will only be refunded part of the purchase price. In some cases, this may mean that you will only be entitled to a refund of the shipping costs.

We recommend that you return the item in its original packaging. If the original packaging is missing, this may result in a reduction in the value of the item, as the item may sustain damage in transit for which you will be liable.

Repayment of the purchase price

If you cancel your purchase, you will get your money back. If the item has lost value, we'll deduct the amount you owe.

We will refund all payments received from you in connection with the purchase, including delivery costs. However, this does not apply to additional delivery costs, in cases where you have chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest form of standard delivery that we offer. We will refund the amount corresponding to the cheapest form of standard delivery. If the cheapest standard delivery is free of charge (€0), no refund will be made.

If you have received a discount or used a discount code/voucher
If you have received a discount as part of a campaign or used a discount code on something you wish to return, the unique discount will be applied according to the terms and timeframe described in the specific campaign/discount code.

If you have received your item and wish to exchange it for a similar item in a different size, our customer service can assist you by contacting them.
You can always check your order confirmation to see what you paid for an item. This is the amount you will receive back when returning the respective item.

9. Notification of defects

When you shop as a consumer, you have a 24-month right of complaint in the event the item purchased proves to be defect. This means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, your money back or a price reduction, depending on the specific situation. It is a requirement that the complaint is raised in due time, that it is justified and that the defect has not arisen from misuse of the product or other harmful behaviour.

If you have purchased a product on our Webshop that, in spite of our quality checks, has a defect, you there-fore have the right to submit a complaint.

You must submit any complaints to us "within a reasonable time" after having discovered the defect(s). We recommend that you complain as soon as possible, especially in the case of carrier related damage. However, if you complain within 2 months of discovering the defect, it is always within a reasonable time.

You can submit a complaint as follows:

1: You can choose to submit a complaint in any of Zizzi’s own stores.
Upon presentation of your invoice, you can exchange, return or submit complaints about products purchased at the webshop.


2: You can choose to return your items to Zizzi.
By use of the return note included in your parcel. When using this, is important that you select no. 6 as the reason code, which shows that the reason for the return is a “Defect complaint”. Please describe what and where the defect is. You are welcome to place a piece of tape, label or safety pin at the location of the defect.

You do not have to pay to return defective item(s). Therefore, simply attach the return label that was originally enclosed in the parcel when you received it to the outside of the return parcel.

If you no longer have the return note- and label, please contact our customer service at help@zizzifashion.com.

If we determine the product was defect when purchased, we will refund the amount that you paid for the item in question. The refund will be made using the same payment method you used when you ordered the item.


10. Applicable law and right of complaint

These Terms & Conditions are generally subject to Danish Law, unless mandatory consumer protection legislation/rights in the country from where you place an order, and to which we offer delivery warrant otherwise. As part hereof, in the event of a defect in a purchased item, the rules on liability for nonconformity in purchased items contained in the Danish Sales of Goods Act (“Købeloven”) will apply.

Any controversy, dispute or claim arising in connection herewith shall be settled by the Danish courts, unless mandatory consumer protection legislation/rights in the country from where you place an order, and to which we offer delivery, requires that the matter be settled by a different legal venue.

Please note that if you have a problem with an item you have purchased on our Webshop and you have been unable to resolve the problem in corporation with Zizzi, you have a right, as a consumer to submit a complaint to:

11. Disclaimer

We make reservations for technical errors, typing errors, price changes, sold-out items/limited stock that appear on the Webshop and delivery delays as well as the right to discontinue a product at any time.

We cannot guarantee that the colours shown on the Webshop are an exact representation of the actual colour of the products. The way in which the colours are represented depends on the settings on the device used to view our Webshop.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions and other Information on the Webshop at any time without prior notice.

The information published on the Webshop may include references or cross references to other Zizzi products.

Discounts, codes, and promotions at Zizzi are only valid at Zizzi and cannot be used on our partner site pluslet.


12. Personal data and cookies

In connection with your use of the Webshop and its different functionalities, a number of data about you will be processed, collected, used and shared, including with our external partner, Trustpilot, to collect feedback and ratings to improve our services.  Please see our “Privacy Policy” [link - https://www.aboutzizzi.com/data-policy] for more information about our processing of your personal data.

The Webshop also apply cookies. We only use cookies – in addition to technically necessary cookies – if you have given your cookie consent. Please see our “Cookie Policy” here https://www.zizzifashion.com/terms-and-conditions/cookie-policy/360007792073.html for more information about how we use cookies.

You can always access the latest version of our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for the Webshop, including information about how to withdraw consents, by scrolling down to the very bottom of the page.

13. Copyright & trademarks

The products and content on the Webshop, including text, images and sound, are protected by copyright and remain the property of Zizzi.

It is not permitted to use, reproduce, change or copy products and other content on the Webshop in whole or in part, other than for personal, non-commercial use, without the express consent of Zizzi.

The products that can be purchased at the Webshop have trademarks that are registered by Zizzi Denmark ApS.

The use of these trademarks for commercial purposes is not permitted without the express consent of Zizzi .

14. Contact details

If you wish to contact Zizzi’s customer services by telephone, you can call: +45 69 16 59 09 (Monday - Thurs-day: 9 AM - 5 PM, Friday: 9 AM - 4 PM.)

We cannot be contacted during the weekend or on bank holidays.

You can also contact us via the email address: help@zizzifashion.com

You can also contact us via ordinary post to the address:

Zizzi Denmark ApS
Kløvermarken 29
7190 Billund

Att.: Customer Service – E-commerce

Open and print our model cancellation form here.

You can also simply copy the text from the cancellation form and send it via email to help@zizzifashion.com

This is version 6 of Zizzi’s Terms & Conditions of [25.09.2023].


Appendix: Standard withdrawal form

(this form is to be filled out and returned only if the right of withdrawal applies)

- Dear [insert contractor’s name, physical address and, if applicable, the fax number and email address of the con-tractor]:

- I/we (*) hereby give notice that I/we (*) wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in relation to my/our (*) pur-chase agreement for the following goods (*)/provision of the following services (*)

- Ordered on (*)/received on (*)

- Consumer’s name (Consumers’ names)

- Consumer’s address (Consumers’ address)

- Consumer’s signature (Consumers’ signatures) (only if the content of the form is notified on paper)

- Date

(*) Please as appropriate