Everyday Women - With you, for you

Everyday Women is our contribution to a world that's a little more real. A little more authentic, a little closer to reality. A little more attentive. Where we join all of you on the other side of the screen and the shop counter, where we take a little step forward.

With Everyday Women, we invite you all to join our world, but most of all want to make you part of creating it. To develop even better products that suit your preferences and your bodies, for all women with all of our wonderful differences. To create campaigns and images that show real women. To create dialogue, and to stand together as women.

This is true now and in the future. Everyday Women is a collaboration with all of you and it's our first step towards creating a space that listens and celebrates community and our differences.

We are currently not open for applications - but keep an eye on this page

We are both proud and honoured that so many of you have taken the time and had the confidence to share your lives with us by submitting an application to Everyday Women.

We have now taken the first steps with a number of women, so we are not accepting new applications at this time. But keep an eye on this page - we'd love to talk to and meet many more of you, so we'll of course open applications again at a later date.