Bra size guide

Bra size guide

Find your bra size

A good, well-fitting plus size bra is essential. It makes your clothes fit better, gives you the right support and, best of all, it gives you confidence from the inside out. That's why it's worth taking a few minutes to find the right size. Many of our bras come in up to 37 different sizes, so there’s a great chance that we've got just the one you need.

How to measure yourself How to measure yourself 2. Measure under the bust How to measure yourself

How to measure yourself 1. Measure around the bust 2. Measure under the bust

All you need to find your measurements is a tape measure and a well-fitting bra. Make sure to choose an unpadded bra that is secure but not tight. Once you have entered your measurements, click on "Calculate your size" and you’ll be able to see what bra size we recommend you buy from Zizzi.

Measure with your tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. The tape should be horizontal and close to your body, but not tight.

Measure with your tape measure around the narrowest point just below the bust. The tape measure should be horizontal and close to your body, but not tight.

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Size table

Breasts are different. This means that although we have recommended a size based on your two measurements, the shape of your breasts may influence whether you should adjust the size of the cup slightly. If your breasts are more pointed and narrower, you may want to consider a larger cup and a smaller band size. If your breasts are flatter and wider, we recommend choosing a smaller cup and perhaps a larger band size. You can click around the size chart here to see which measurements fit which sizes.

Under the breast (cm)

Around the breast (cm)

94 95 96
103 85B
104 85B 85B
105 85C 85B 85B
106 85C 85C 85B
107 85D 85C 85C
108 85D 85D 85C
109 85E 85D 85D
110 85E 85E 85D
111 85F 85E 85E
112 85F 85F 85E
113 85G 85F 85F
114 85G 85G 85F
115 85H 85G 85G
116 85H 85H 85G
117 85H 85H
118 85H

Comparison of bra sizes

Our bra sizes are developed according to European measurement standards. If you are used to other sizes, you can compare them in the chart here.

80B 80B 95B 3B 36B 36B 14B
85B 85B 100B 4B 38B 38B 16B
90B 90B 105B 5B 40B 40B 18B
95B 95B 110B 6B 42B 42B 20B
100B 100B 115B 7B 44B 44B 22B
105B 105B 120B 8B 46B 46B 24B
110B 110B 125B 9B 48B 48B 26B
115B 115B 130B 10B 50B 50B 28B
80C 80C 95C 3C 36C 36C 14C
85C 85C 100C 4C 38C 38C 16C
90C 90C 105C 5C 40C 40C 18C
95C 95C 110C 6C 42C 42C 20C
100C 100C 115C 7C 44C 44C 22C
105C 105C 120C 8C 46C 46C 24C
110C 110C 125C 9C 48C 48C 26C
115C 115C 130C 10C 50C 50C 28C
80D 80D 95D 3D 36D 36D 14D
85D 85D 100D 4D 38D 38D 16D
90D 90D 105D 5D 40D 40D 18D
95D 95D 110D 6D 42D 42D 20D
100D 100D 115D 7D 44D 44D 22D
105D 105D 120D 8D 46D 46D 24D
110D 110D 125D 9D 48D 48D 26D
115D 115D 130D 10D 50D 50D 28D
80E 80E 95E 3E 36DD 36DD 14DD
85E 85E 100E 4E 38DD 38DD 16DD
90E 90E 105E 5E 40DD 40DD 18DD
95E 95E 110E 6E 42DD 42DD 20DD
100E 100E 115E 7E 44DD 44DD 22DD
105E 105E 120E 8E 46DD 46DD 24DD
110E 110E 125E 9E 48DD 48DD 26DD
115E 115E 130E 10E 50DD 50DD 28DD
80F 80F 95F 3F 36E 36DDD/E 14E
85F 85F 100F 4F 38E 38DDD/E 16E
90F 90F 105F 5F 40E 40DDD/E 18E
95F 95F 110F 6F 42E 42DDD/E 20E
100F 100F 115F 7F 44E 44DDD/E 22E
105F 105F 120F 8F 46E 46DDD/E 24E
110F 110F 125F 9F 48E 48DDD/E 26E
115F 115F 130F 10F 50E 50DDD/E 28E
80G 80G 95G 3G 36F 36DDDD/G 14F
85G 85G 100G 4G 38F 38DDDD/G 16F
90G 90G 105G 5G 40F 40DDDD/G 18F
95G 95G 110G 6G 42F 42DDDD/G 20F
100G 100G 115G 7G 44F 44DDDD/G 22F
105G 105G 120G 8G 46F 46DDDD/G 24F
110G 110G 125G 9G 48F 48DDDD/G 26F
115G 115G 130G 10G 50F 50DDDD/G 28F
80H 80H 95H 3H 36FF 36DDDDD/H 14G
85H 85H 100H 4H 38FF 38DDDDD/H 16G
90H 90H 105H 5H 40FF 40DDDDD/H 18G
95H 95H 110H 6H 42FF 42DDDDD/H 20G
100H 100H 115H 7H 44FF 44DDDDD/H 22G
105H 105H 120H 8H 46FF 46DDDDD/H 24G
110H 110H 125H 9H 48FF 48DDDDD/H 26G
115H 115H 130H 10H 50FF 50DDDDD/H 28G