10 types of summer jackets for women in 2022

10 types of summer jackets for women in 2022

When the sunshine gets warmer, when the days get longer and when the feeling to enjoy the weather increases. That's when you know it's time to break out the lightweight plus size summer jackets.

Even though the calendar says summer, there's no guarantee that the weather will reflect it. Even if it's been a sunny day, it can get chilly in the evening as the sun starts to set. In other words, you may still need a light jacket to keep you warm if you're out in the late summer hours.

We give you 10 tips on which plus size summer jackets for women in 2022 to go for this season. There are both short jackets and long coats in plus sizes.

Short summer jackets

It's a matter of taste whether you like long or short summer jackets for women, but we're seeing the most short summer jackets in 2022. There's a huge range of chic short summer jackets for women, and below are tips on how to style the most popular ones into your outfit.

The leather jacket

The leather jacket has a permanent place in many women's wardrobe. It can be worn with everything and is an easy way to give your outfit a raw edge. You can wear your plus size leather jacket over a feminine dress to give your look an edgy appearance, or you can style it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt if you're going for a more cool and casual look.

The denim jacket

The short denim jacket is a timeless classic. A denim jacket in plus size can give any outfit a cool look. As with the leather jacket, you can wear a short denim jacket over a pretty coloured dress to balance the feminine and the raw look. You can also go all out and wear the denim jacket with a pair of jeans or denim shorts. Then you have a complete summer look in denim.

The bomber jacket

A short bomber jacket can be used to add a sportier element to your outfit. We often see bomber jackets in thin materials, That's exactly why it is an obvious summer choice for women. The bomber jacket is typically quite simple in its design, so there's a good chance it'll go with some of the summer clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

The short blazer

If you need a thin jacket or just something to cover your arms, a short blazer for women is a good choice. You can show your personal style by choosing a coloured blazer over the traditional black one, and you can pair it with anything from a classic shirt to a printed t-shirt. The sky's the limit.

The parka jacket

If you want your plus-size summer jacket to do more than just provide an extra layer of warmth when the sunshine fades, a thin parka jacket is a great summer option. Practical details like good pockets, adjustable areas and durable material are some of the hallmarks of the versatile everyday jacket.

Long summer jackets

If you prefer a classic look, go for the long summer jacket. Just like the short jackets for summer, the long summer jackets come in different styles. We've selected the ones we see as the biggest trends around, below.

The long shirt jacket

We're seeing more and more of the shirt jacket, and the combination of a long coat and shirt makes it both trendy and ideal as an extra layer on those cooler summer days. Depending on the material and colour of your shirt jacket, it can be a cool or classic feature of your outfit.

The trench coat

When we talk about long summer jackets for women, we must include the trench coat or the long coat. The traditional trench coat has a light colour, which is perfect for the bright days of summer. The material is often lightweight and the classic details can add elegance to any style - whether you're into jeans and trainers or skirt and stilettos.

The long blazer

The blazer for women is always stylish, and if you choose a long style, you add an extra dimension. With the plus size long blazer you get the classic elements like a collar, button closure and lightweight materials, and the extra length adds a feminine touch. For example, wear a long black blazer with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a casual workday look.

The long quilted jacket

The long quilted jacket is one of the warmer plus size jackets for summer. It's lightly padded and has a quilted pattern that allows you to show your character - should it be the classic checked pattern or perhaps a more special edged pattern? Find the colour and pattern that suits you and have a stylish, warm summer.

The practical summer jacket: the rain coat

With summer comes hope of warmer days and plenty of light. But clouds may invade the skies, and wet weather may pass over you. That's why it's always good to have a good women's rain coat at hand. You might be staying within the country where rain is likely to fall, or you might be travelling to a place where you might need a coat to keep you dry.

The main purpose of a rain coat is to keep you dry, but of course it doesn’t matter if it looks good too. In our wide range of rain coats you will find short rain coats, long rain coats and different colours and fits. There are plenty of options for you to get a good rain coat to wear if summer shows its wet side.