About Zizzi

About Zizzi

Zizzi has been a significant operator in the curvy fashion movement since 2000.

We as a supplier have never been able to join us to the stigmatization of the plus-size clothing industry. Why should curvy women settle for ordinary clothes when other women get fashion?

The Zizzi brand is characterized by genuine passion for its customers and their needs. Zizzi is always focused on the personality of the next generation of curvy women. Stylish curvy fashionistas are proud of their figure and want beautiful and curvy fashion.

Designing curvy fashion is not an easy task. As a fashion supplier, we at Zizzi constantly interpret upcoming trends and combine them with knowledge of fit and materials that accentuate female curves. This combination lays the foundation for a curvy fashion success.

With more than 120 concept stores and 1000 retailers, we have wide industry knowledge and are well on our way to conquering northern Europe.

Zizzi is exciting collections with a wide range of attractive products at various quality levels. We create unique combinations of colours, fabrics, silhouettes and details covering all the different needs of our clients.

Work at Zizzi

At Zizzi, we always focus on creating the best possible experience for the customer – whether it’s in our retail stores or on our digital platforms.

That’s why we’re always looking for new talents for our dedicated teams within design, retail, e-commerce, marketing, branding etc.

As a workplace, Zizzi is defined by loyalty and a result-driven mindset - and ambitions are high.

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