Zizzi’s first influencer collection

Cecilie Schmeichel is a Danish influencer and content creator, and daily shares her colourful world and everyday life on Instagram. She loves festive and colourful outfits – and together we have created a influencer collection with lots of energy and femininity.

“The collection reflects the way I want to live my life. It is both modern and comfortable. The clothes should not be an obstacle in everyday life – but comfortable can also be colourful and festive. Also on a regular Tuesday."

- Cecilie Schmeichel

Over the past few years, Cecilie has discovered the colourful world of clothing. As a child, she moved around and attended schools where uniforms were a standard. Therefore, she didn't have to relate to clothes until her teenage years, and at first it was mainly the simple and black that she reached for.

"My style is colourful, but it hasn't always been. In my 20s there was a shift, and since then I've started to play a lot more with colours, prints and feminine expression. With this collection, I want to invite you into my colourful world."

- Cecilie Schmeichel

Colours, femininity and a playful feel

A full collection packed with colour, celebration and feminine details - spiced up with basics that suit most things and most people. That's what you'll find in Cecilie Schmeichel's collection with Zizzi.

A dream come true

Cecilie had the collection in mind long before it became a reality. Therefore, it has been important for her to have a playful approach to the process - just as she plays with the prints, colours and expressions of the clothes in her everyday life.

“The collection is a childhood dream come true. With this collection, I want to reach those who have one foot in pink and one foot in black. I dream of inspiring more women to choose the colourful dress and dare to play with their clothes."

- Cecilie Schmeichel

Cecilie urges all of us to: play with personal expression and wear exactly the clothes that give you the confidence to take over a room. At the same time, Cecilie is aware that as a public figure, she has a responsibility to use her channels correctly. For her, this means being honest, authentic and supporting her followers to stand up for themselves. Whether it's in festive dresses or a leopard print suit, whether it's in heels or trainers.

"As an influencer and digital creator, I have a voice that is important to utilise. I have a responsibility to be authentic in the here and now rather than polished. So, I also show the less pretty sides of life."

- Cecilie Schmeichel

Everyday or party? One outfit for everything

The collection features festive dresses, ruffles and glittering buttons, an elegant embroidered shirt and a cool pink leo print suit. To tone down the ultra-personal and festive outfits, you'll find jeans and a few simple blouses to tone down the bold choices.

With this collection, we want to invite you into Cecilie's colourful and feminine universe. Shop the collection and express your style with beautiful prints and full-on feminine energy now.