Shoe guide

Shoe guide

Do you find it difficult to find a shoe that fits? 

There are many things that go into finding shoes that fit your feet well. Usually we count shoe size based on the length of the foot - but there's also a big difference between how wide our feet are, depending if you have a high or low instep. And when it comes to boots, the width of the lip also plays a part in whether the shoe fits.

At Zizzi we have therefore developed a collection of shoes for those who often find that the shoes are too narrow or small for your feet. Here, all shoes and boots are made with wide fit and have extra space in the calf. The shoes are designed with comfort in mind - just like everything else you find at Zizzi.

Can I wear a wide fit shoe?

All Zizzi shoes are made with what we call "wide fit". This means that the sole is slightly wider and extra space is made for the instep. No more shoes that squeeze. 

When the shoe is made specifically for the slightly wider foot, you may find that you need another size than you are used to. When you have a wider foot, you will typically compensate by buying a shoe that is a little too big in length. But you don't have to do that here - precisely because our shoes have added width in the sole and extra space around the instep. 

Plus, all shoes have good ankle support, so they won't pinch or leave your feet sore.

If you often find that your shoes are tight, and maybe it just feels like they're made for a narrower foot or calf than yours, then wide fit is for you.

Boots with high shaft

For boots with a high shaft, the circumference of the lip affects whether you can fit the shoe. Therefore the circumference of the shaft is shown on all product information. The circumference is measured at the top of the shaft, so the shaft height is also shown on the product information. To find out if the shoe fits or if it is likely to be too small, measure the circumference of your calf at the same height as the shaft.

In the illustration you can see how to measure your calf in the right place.

How to find your shoe size

To find your right size, it is important to measure your feet. If you find it difficult to do, get someone to help you. It's best to take your measurements in the morning, as your feet may swell during the day.

Find a piece of A4 paper, something to write with and a ruler or tape measure.

  • Stand on top of the paper with your heel in against a wall - it's important that you don't sit down, but stand up
  • Place the weight on the foot you are measuring
  • Draw a line in front of your longest toe
  • Measure the distance and find your size in the table below

You can also print and use our foot measurement chart.

The fit is factored into the sizes, so you only need to take into account the length of your foot. If you are between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

Remember that sizes vary from shoe to shoe, so it's important to check the product measurements of the shoe you want to buy

Size guide

Foot length Size (EU) Size (US) Size (UK)
22,5 cm 37 5 4
23,5 cm 38 6 5
24,5 cm 39 7 6
25,5 cm 40 7,5 6,5
26,5 cm 41 8 7
27,5 cm 42 9 8