Regular legs, high waist and curvy hip

Say hello to Gemma, who always knows how to dress to look the best. Gemma will be your new best friend if you have curvy hips and a desire for longer legs - and let’s face it: who doesn’t?


Extra slim legs, high waist and curvy hip

Nille is your long-legged, feminine and hip girlfriend. Nille will show off your great legs, and is frequently spotted in the cool company of a clean, crisp T-shirt or an oversized men’s shirt.


Super slim legs, high waist and curvy hip

Amy is the new friend in your crowd: she is flexible and will bend over backwards to keep you comfortable. Amy will make you completely forget about your leggings.


Slim legs, regular waist and curvy hip

Emily is a cool colleague - her style is classic yet modern. She is always well-dressed but never boring. Her regular waist and slim legs, make Emily the perfect choice for your office outfit as well as for a family dinner.


Boot cut, high waist and curvy hip

Say hi to Ellen! Ellen is jeanious and fashionable - making your hips look slimmer and your thighs look longer and leaner, while adding a touch of that 70’s glamour.


Extra slim legs, regular waist and curvy hip

Meet Sanna - your closest, boldest and dearest friend. Sanna is sexy, daring, extra slim and so comfortable that she will feel like a second skin on your curvy hips and thighs.

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