The positive effects of winter swimming

The positive effects of winter swimming

Winter swimming is good for the body and mind – but there’s no getting around the fact that it can be a battle to take off your warm jacket and step into the chilly winter water.

A dip in the water is good for your mood, whether the temperature is over 20 degrees or closer to freezing. Here you can hear personal trainer Pia Fosnæs’ advice on how to get going with winter swimming and what it’s really all about.

Winter swimming is a fantastic way to boost and challenge your body. You wake up the body, activate your immune system and get your adrenaline pumping. Winter swimming activates endorphins, which have a positive effect on both your mood and mental state. Winter swimming provides good energy and an incredible feeling of well-being.- Pia Fosnæs, personal trainer

Winter swimming is a fantastic way to boost and challenge your body

Are you thinking about jumping on the trend? If so, there’s plenty of advantages to gain! Here, Pia gives her advice on how to get started.

1. Make the decision and “just do it”. Never start by jumping in the water, but head in slowly but surely. And never go alone.

2. Take your clothes off and move slowly and calmly, with your full attention, into the water. Try to focus on your breathing and breathe all the way down to your stomach. Aim to breathe calmly before you get back out of the water.

3. If you like, you can repeat your dip in the water two or three times, as the feeling will be different than the first time in the water. Your skin and heart are better prepared, so it’s easier to control your breathing.

With these easy tips, the process from idea to action might just be a little shorter. A big part of the mentality around winter swimming is also based on the feeling of well-being. To give a little time to yourself and experience your body and nature melting together.

When you jump into the cold water, you forget all about the time and place. You’re present in the now and have the experience of a meditative state. Being in and enjoying nature is a form of medicine for yourself. All of your senses are awake, giving you a wonderful feeling of peace and presence. It’s amazing to see the horizon, enjoy nature and feel your body being alive. It puts the word health in a whole new perspective.

Even though it can seem crazy to swim in winter’s ice-cold water, there’s no mistaking the benefits. Find swimwear that fits well and get ready for a dip in the water. If you want to give the experience a little extra feeling of wellbeing, remember to bring a soft robe with you as well.

Do you dare follow our example and jump into the cold water?