9 ideas for Christmas gifts

9 ideas for Christmas gifts

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Need inspiration for your wish list this year?

Read about this in our gift guide, where three Everyday Women talk about their Christmas wishes. Get inspiration for the perfect Christmas gift - or maybe even for your own wish list. You could find a great present for your friend, sister, mother, grandmother or someone else entirely. Read on:

3 women - 3 wish lists

1. Leather boots

2. Boots

3. Softshell trousers

"I want two different pairs of leather boots. Both boots are just super cool and would be great with skirts, dresses and trousers."

"In addition, a pair of softshell trousers is high on my wish list. I love to be outside in winter and they would be super comfortable, warm and practical to wear."

1. Hiking trousers

2. Underwear - bra and knickers

3. A dress for New Years Eve

"I want hiking trousers because they are a bit too expensive to buy for myself. I love how Zizzi thinks ahead and dresses women of all sizes for all situations and activities. Plus, on my 2024 to-do list, I want to do more outdoorsy things, and these trousers would be a big part of that adventure."

"A set of sexy lingerie never fails! The set is modern and ultra sexy because of the stylish look. Plus, it's comfortable to wear and overall just super cool! I only wear bras without padding as I feel more feminine in that style."

"I need something for New Year's Eve and that's why I want this dress! I saw the dress with glitter and just thought it would be a really cool look for the New Year."

1. Velour trousers

2. Sequin top

3. Boots

"I want velvet trousers and a sequined top because I want a festive outfit for Christmas and New Year with a little extra sparkle. I'm also thinking of using the blouse for a day when I just want to look a bit fancy. Maybe I would wear it with a long black cardigan or blazer and some dressy trousers. I think both would go really well with the outfit!"

"The boots are so nice! I love the raw soles and that they have a wide shaft that fits my legs. Plus, the boots would go perfect with velvet trousers or a dress."

It is always nice for the recipient of a wish list to have Christmas wishes in different price ranges. In addition, it is great to be able to wish for or, give a gift, that the person wouldn’t buy or get every day. This way, both the giving and the receiving of a gift is appreciated. We asked Everyday Women what is most important to them when giving a Christmas gift:

What's most important to you when giving a Christmas gift to someone you love?

"I usually ask friends and family what they want because I don't want the gift to not be used or worn. If I give clothes for Christmas, I go for clothes made from sustainable materials."

- Caroline, 39, Germany

"I really believe that it is something that the recipient will appreciate and be happy with. I think it's extra cool to give some kind of experience. Something that will be a nice memory."

- Anna, 60, Sweden

"Clearly, the most important thing is to find something I feel the person has said indirectly that they are missing, but perhaps haven't thought about themselves wanting. It's best when people are surprised and delighted at the same time."

- Anna Sofie, 34, Denmark

Here are three very different women's suggestions for the ultimate Christmas gifts in 2024. Maybe you know someone who deserves to be spoiled with a similar gift?

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