Everyday Women - the first steps

Everyday Women - the first steps

A day with Everyday Women

Would you describe yourself as courageous? Maybe as normal? Or what about honest?

We met up with six women on a sunny spring day in the city of Copenhagen, and above are words that are meaningful to the six women, who are all part of Everyday Women. All are completely normal, all have their own challenges, all have their own unique characteristics. All are courageous.

As a woman, I feel a responsibility to show that what I am, what everybody is, is normal. Normal is okay, normal is beautiful. Normal should be shown online, it should be seen, and it should be promoted. That’s why I applied [to Everyday Women, ed.]. This is the first time I have seen a brand take responsibility through their customers.

- Andrea Bunod, 24, France

With Everyday Women, we are taking a small step in the right direction and are taking part in the responsibility for women to feel represented and listened to. Here, we as a brand listen to real women and attempt to learn at every step, from the production of clothing to feedback on the fits and shapes of our underwear, as well as feedback on the website, improvements of size guides, pictures on Shop the Look and campaigns just like the one you see here. The Zizzi woman is not just a customer in the store or a follower on Instagram. She can also be a partner for discussion, an ambassador, a representative of what Zizzi stands for: community for creating a fashion scene that gives space to everyone – one that makes sure there is a shirt in the store that fits you.

Life is too short. Everybody is unique, so just go for it and be yourself.

- Andrea Bunod, 24, France

Everyday Women is our contribution to a world that is a little more real, a little more authentic, a little closer to reality, a little more about listening. A world where we stand together with you on the other side of the screen and the store counters, where we walk a small step ahead in showing women just as we are and look, and where we challenge the understanding of what is normal.

As a symbol of the unpredictable world we live in, we invited these six women to Copenhagen. All they knew before was a meeting place and time. They live in countries all around Europe. One from Austria, one Norwegian, and three Danes. The ages span from 22 to 74, and the women had never met each other before the day in Copenhagen.

All of us here are very different types, and I want people to see that we are all beautiful, each in our own way and that we can be the same. I wish for all women to be able to see their own beauty.

- Jasmin Mairhofer, 37, Austria

Try to imagine the scenario yourself: you meet up for a day in a foreign city – for some even a foreign country – to meet with a group of women you don’t know. This shows enormous courage, and the six women are strong-willed, honest and, last but not least, completely normal, each in their own way. And they have all taken a sunny day out of their calendars to talk to us – without really knowing what and who would meet them.

I was curious and a little afraid of how the other women would look – if they were models. And they were just regular, pretty, sweet women.

- Stina Vea, 28, Norway

As a part of Everyday Women, the six women – and many more – have said yes to helping Zizzi going forward, to go in dialogue to create the best products and to support and celebrate us women – in all our similarities and differences. Because it is important to us as people to have someone who reflects us, to be able to mirror other people; it’s important that there is a pair of trousers on store shelves that just fit well; and it’s important that we can see them online on a model who actually has curves. As the word implies, Everyday Women are just women of reality. Cool, open-hearted, reserved, honest, vulnerable, strong…or a bit of everything.

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