No secrets. Just underwear

One Danish star photographer and three brave models

Wearing nothing but underwear. No filter, no clothes to hide behind - but with plenty of confidence, beauty and power. Those were the framework for the underwear campaign titled No Secrets. Just Underwear, a new line of sexy lingerie and underwear.

And the style continues for the Devoted underwear line, once again photographed by Petra Kleis, this time on two beautiful and very different models. The campaign shows at once the vulnerability of being undressed - and the strength of possessing the confidence to show off.

"This campaign depicts sexy, confident women who feel good about themselves. And that will always be appealing to me. For me, it's authenticity and sincerity that makes you feel something when you see an image. You can see that this is a real person, and not someone who has been manipulated to look a certain way according to what society 'wants'." - Petra Kleis, photographer.

Petra Kleis is known for her authentic perspective on the female body. Her work is characterised by careful attention to angles, no retouching, representation, diversity - and much more. And the authentic lens always wins. It's about showing women for what we are. With shapes or with rolls on our bellies, in all their imperfect and natural beauty.

It's just a body, and it's just underwear

"In the last 5 years, things have changed completely. Belly rolls, stretch marks, orange peel skin and so on are now actually allowed in all the advertisements and campaigns we encounter in everyday life. When I started as a photographer, it was standard practice to make the models legs longer, remove ALL flaws completely, and remove small bumps on the stomach or folds in the skin. Thankfully, that has changed." - Petra Kleis, photographer.

Petra Kleis usually shoots using analogue film. And that's a completely different way of working than digital options would otherwise allow. Everything can be turned, rotated and adjusted along the way. The analogue camera, on the other hand, captures real, candid moments, and you have far fewer shots to deal with.

This is why analogue photography is more sensitive. It is created in a space of trust between photographer and model, and there is a vulnerability in the situation that is similar to the one we show each other when we stand out in just our underwear. Unique, ordinary and imperfect, just as we are.

"We all know what real bodies look like because we see them every day. I want to take my gender seriously and see just how beautiful reality is. So maybe we could all feel a little better about ourselves. Myself included." - Petra Kleis, photographer.