Holiday ready with Jasmin

Holiday ready with Jasmin

About traveling solo

A Q&A on traveling the world all on your own. Read along and be inspired for stuffing your suitcase with cute outfits as well as new experiences.

Q: Hi Jasmin! Summer is just around the corner. What’s the last place you travelled to?

A: The last place I travelled to was Iceland in January. It's my birthday at the beginning of January and I started to travel alone around this time a couple of years ago. When I started to go away on my birthday I travelled to warmer regions, as I wanted to get away from the cold weather. I always try to plan something special on my actual birthday. This year I really wanted to see the Northern Lights, that is why I decided to travel up north this year.

Q: Sounds amazing! We hear that you love traveling solo – what does it mean to you?

A: I think travelling on your own is really special, because you have to listen to yourself about what you really want and how far you really want to go. You challenge yourself each time a little bit more. You need to find strategies on your own. It is not only a solo travel to a place but also a personal travel to one's self.


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I do love when my clothes can be combined or when they can be styled casual for during the day AND classy for going out in the evening

Q: Where did you go on the very first time you travelled by yourself?

A: I started travelling on my own (kind of), when I was 13 and my parents sent me to England on a summer camp. Although I was in a group of people at the same age. I think that going abroad at an early age set the start of travelling alone for me. I enjoyed it and went to a new place almost every summer. When I was 18, I spent a month in Australia. I chose to book a language course there, so I had a kind of structure. I spent the morning in the course and lived on a hostel with other people of that school, so it was easier to find my way and too meet friends. I was free to do whatever I wanted in the afternoons and loved strolling around discovering places.

Q: Were you nervous about going alone?

A: I was definitely nervous about going on my own, but actually, it's such a long time ago, that I can hardly remember how it felt.

Q: How about now, are there any specific things you do to prepare for a solo travel compared to a travel with others?

A: Nowadays, when I travel alone, I try to plan out as much as possible before I start my travels. This gives me the structure in knowing what to expect. But also, structure to get out of my hotel to do something, and not stay in, in case I am overwhelmed. Even if I plan a lot, there are still many times when I’m on my own. I think many people are afraid of loneliness and, also, a bit afraid to get to know themselves better. But if you are truly connected to yourself, you can never be lonely. I find that these solo travels help me a lot with this!


I love the red culotte and shirt combination. It’s perfect for going shopping or a longer sightseeing tour

Q: What’s the top 3 places you’ve visited on a solo travel?

A: Sydney. Iceland in winter. And a round-trip of India and Pakistan, where I met a couple of people on the way that I knew and who accompanied parts of my way.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone traveling alone for the very first time?

A: If you have never travelled on your own, try to organise it thoroughly before your start. Either find some tours that you can join or find an AirBnb with other people, that could help you find your way around in the city – or even a hostel with people at the same age. So, if you are lonely or "lost", you can easily find somebody to connect with.

Q: And lastly – what is your travel essentials for the suitcase?

A: When I was younger, I was able to travel with just a backpack, but nowadays I prefer to bring a bit more luggage. A bathing suit/bikini is a must, as well as enough books, because I love to read.

Q: And what’s your favourite summer holiday outfit – do you maybe have a “holiday uniform”?


... Bathing suit or bikini, and a big straw hat 

... Some light long trousers/culottes for longer walks 

... Summer dresses with legging shorts underneath (against chafing) for dinner time

I don’t really have a uniform, but I love fashion and I love to wear something else every day, morning and night. That's why I need a big bag.