Welcome to: HOME by Zizzi

A brand new addition to the Zizzi range. Say hello to our new homeware line and bring added warmth, personality and style into your home.

At Zizzi, we know textiles, trends and colours like the back of our hands. With HOME by Zizzi, this knowledge is put into play in the form of beautiful interiors, because fashion and trends go hand in hand with interior design. We see this when pastel colours take over home interiors as soon as the first rays of sunshine arrive, and when we start lighting candles and filling our homes with earth-toned cushions and rugs in autumn.

We call it soft interiors

Here you will find inspiration for decorating your home with textiles. Both the colourful patterned kind with lots of texture - and the earth-toned ones that are a classic choice for the simple Nordic look. However you decorate your home, your choices will help create the mood and look. A nice set of cotton bedding can add a little sense of luxury to everyday life and soft plain-coloured towels give a nod to hotel vibes. Alternatively, patterned cushions help bring life and energy into a room, and textured pillow cases and throws help to create balance in the home. Soft additions to the home are like accessories to an outfit; they are the finishing touches and pieces that bring the room together.

Feel at home

At HOME by Zizzi you will find textiles for the four most important rooms in your home: the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. From the soft towels, tablecloths and fabric napkins in neutral tones, to the pillow cases and carpets with fresh prints – and last but not least, the latest big trend in homeware: bedding in seersucker fabric with pastel-coloured checks. Here, we let fashion trends into the home, allowing you to create spaces that are an extension of your personal style.

With our new textiles for the home, we draw on our knowledge of materials, colours and trends. We help bring style into your home, just like we do in your wardrobe.

Create a cosy ambience in your home with soft additions and create rooms to live out your dreams in. Explore the full range - and invite us into your home.

The soft additions to a home are like accessories to an outfit; the finishing touches that bring the room together