When health and happiness go hand in hand

When health and happiness go hand in hand

Meet Pia Fosnæs, personal trainer and owner of the company SUND MED SMIL (Health with a smile), a Danish woman-owned company that provides guidance for a healthy and active lifestyle. Pia has a holistic view of exercising and therefore works from the ideology that happiness and health go hand in hand.

This is one of the reasons why working out with Pia always takes place outdoors - almost regardless of the weather conditions. And not without reason. It has lots of benefits for the body and mind to move the workout outdoors into nature. You also get the trainer's three best tips for beginners - and for sticking to an active routine.

“When we workout outside, we can feel our stress levels decreasing. Our body and mind love the combination of fresh air, wind in the hair and the sounds of nature. If you have a stressful everyday life, you will experience an improvement in your stress level if you move your exercise outdoors.” - Pia Fosnæs, Personal trainer

Outdoors exercise is easily accessible for both beginners and seasoned exercisers. You only need a good set of clothes that are sweat-wicking and that you can keep warm in. With a few components, you can be ready to take on nature and be active. It doesn’t matter if you prefer long walks in the woods, if you run, or if you spice up a walk with a few simple strength exercises.

“It doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging to workout outdoors in nature. On the contrary. Nature is always ready for you and can be easily adapted to your calendar. Enjoy being able to do your workout at a time that suits YOU best.” - Pia Fosnæs, Personal trainer

Are you new to the world of sport and movement? Here, Pia Fosnær gives you her best tips to finding a good routine that suits you.

1. Find out what motivates you and think about exercising with a friend so that you can keep each other going in an active workout out in nature.

2. Look for inspiration for your exercise online or create a program yourself, so you have a plan before you leave. Think about whether your workout should include strength or pulse exercises, or perhaps a combination of both?

3. Don’t set your expectations of yourself too high - feel and make use of the day at your disposal. Sometimes a walk may be enough. Always remember that a little movement is better than none at all - you’ll never regret the exercise you did do.

It therefore doesn’t have to be difficult or cumbersome to enter the world of movement. As long as you listen to your body and design it in accordance with your everyday life.

And of course, you need to be dressed properly for the occasion.

When we exercise outdoors, we often find that our stress levels decrease