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Follow the whole week! We're warming up to Black Friday with new discounts every day! Members of Club Zizzi get pre-access to all the crazy Black Friday offers! Join today and get early access.

Follow the whole week! We're warming up to Black Friday with new discounts every day! Members of Club Zizzi get pre-access to all the crazy Black Friday offers! Join today and get early access.

Black Week 2023

Anyone who likes scoring a bargain is sure to be familiar with the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday. In many countries, Black Friday is the biggest trading day for both physical stores and webshops.

Black Friday, which always takes place on the 4th Friday in November, has been growing in significance over the past several years, helping kick-start Christmas sales around the world. We at Zizzi are of course also involved – you can read more about it on our page about Black Friday 2023.

Recently, more and more stores have begun taking the Black Friday concept to a whole new level, extending it from 24 hours to several days. The offers tend to start on the Monday before Black Friday and carry on right up to the big day, and the concept therefore goes by the name Black Week.

Black Week-deals all week

Here at Zizzi, we can definitely see the benefits of Black Week. You have more time to enjoy all the great deals and can save even more money, and we get the chance to treat you to even more discounts and mark-downs. There’s no need to wait, which is why you now have the chance to join in our Black Week party both online and in our stores.

This year, Black Week will start on Sundag the 19th of November, and so you can get as much out of the sales celebrations as possible, we’ll be carrying on all the way up to Sunday the 26th of November – that’s right, we’re also holding a Black Weekend, and we can hardly wait! We just can’t imagine anything that could be much better than a whole week of plus-size clothing at great prices.

Find great offers online

We will of course also be celebrating Black Week here at We have selected items that are only sold online and not in our physical stores, so it pays to keep an eye on the webshop.

With online shopping, you also don’t have to worry about standing in line or having to travel to a store to get your hands on the popular items. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, whether you prefer to use a smartphone, tablet or computer. At the same time, you can choose to have the goods delivered right to your door - it could hardly be easier.

Warm up to Black Friday

It can be a good idea to prepare yourself a little before the Black Friday race begins, so you can save time when the time comes and make buying your plus-size clothing a little more manageable.

Favourite lists

At, you can make a personal list of all your favourite products. Before Black Week starts, it might be a good idea to look through the different categories, and when you find a product you want to have or keep an eye on, you can click on the little heart icon. That way, the product ends up in your personal favourite list, which you can check on when the offers begin and you want to buy the items at a discount.

Fulfil wish lists

You might have a family member or friend that has plus-size clothing from Zizzi on their Christmas wish list. If so, ask what they’re hoping for in good time, so you can see if you can find the perfect Christmas gift among the great Black Week deals. It might just be that you find a plus-size shirt or a pair of plus-size jeans on the wish list.

Keep an eye on newsletters and social media

You can also start your Black Week preparations by signing up to Club Zizzi so that you can be sure to be one of the first to be informed about the great offers, even before they start! At the same time, you of course get all the other benefits that come with Club Zizzi membership: A birthday present, 100-day free returns, access to competitions and much more.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we will also make sure to keep you updated about what’s going on both online and in our stores. In addition, you can of course also use our social media to get inspiration from both us and some of our customers.

The same benefits as always

When you shop at Zizzi during Black Week – whether it’s online or in a physical store – the same good shopping conditions apply as always. Amongst other things, this means that you can still choose to have your items delivered to your door, your closest Zizzi store or a Parcel Shop when you shop online. You can of course also still return or exchange your item(s) if you wish to withdraw from your purchase. As a member of Club Zizzi, you even have 100-day free returns.

This means that you can grab a Black Week bargain and still get fast shipping and easy returns.