Jeans guide

Jeans guide

The perfect jeans

At Zizzi, we are aware that fit is paramount when it comes to jeans. That’s why we have created this jeans size guide for women with curves. Here we describe our jeans models and their sizes so that you can more easily find your right size and fit.

Slim fit

This fit is snug in the thighs and calves, and is narrow to regular in the leg opening. This style is high-waisted and sits above the navel.

Step-by-step size guide for jeans

1. Measure your inner leg length

You need to find the measurement of the inner side of your leg, also called the inseam. You can find this measurement by measuring from your ankle to crotch. It can be a good idea to get help from another person when measuring this length. Several of our jeans come in the lengths 78, 82 and 86 cm. You will need to choose the length that is closest to your measurement.

2.Measure your hip size

You need to find your hip width. The hip measurement is the widest point between your navel, and your thighs, The hip is typically the widest around the buttocks

3. Measure your waist

You need to find the measurement of your waist. The waist is the narrowest point on your upper body, and for most, the waist is a couple of centimeters over the navel.

From measurement to size – which size are you?

You need to combine your waist and hip measurements to find the right size in the jeans and trousers size guide below. Both our jeans sizes and trousers sizes run from 42, which corresponds to a size small, to size 64, which corresponds to size XXXL in our shop.

Size Zizzi size Waist measurement Hip measurement
42 S 90 cm 111 cm
44 S 95 cm 116 cm
46 M 101 cm 121 cm
48 M 106 cm 126 cm
50 L 112 cm 131 cm
52 L 117 cm 136 cm
54 XL 123 cm 141 cm
56 XL 128 cm 146 cm
58 XXL 134 cm 151 cm
60 XXL 139 cm 156 cm

Jeans fit overview

When you need to choose the right jeans model, it’s also important to keep in mind which fit you want. We have super slim fit, extra slim fit, slim fit and regular fit as well as other loose fits in our range. All great fits – you just have to find the one that’s right for you. In addition, many of our fits are available with different waist rises, so you can choose whether you want your jeans to sit close to, just above or well above the navel.

Name Fit Waist
AMY Super slim fit High Waist
SANNA Super slim fit Regular Waist
EMILY Slim fit Regular Waist
GEMMA Regular fit High Waist
ELLEN Bootcut fit High Waist
MILLE Mom fit High Waist
VILMA Slim fit High Waist
BEA Super slim fit Super High Waist
MEGAN Regular fit Super High Waist
VERA Straight fit Regular Waist