Short softshell jacket with pockets, Oil Green, Packshot
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Color: Green

Softshell jacket from Zizzi.

Short softshell jacket that is breathable, windproof and super water resistant. The jacket has a zipper closure, a hood with adjustable elastic cords, zippered side pockets and an adjustable Velcro sleeve closure.

Softshell is a unique fabric known for its flexibility, comfort and lightweight design. The fabric is breathable, windproof and water repellent. The seams are not taped, so in heavy rain, water can penetrate the seams.

This jacket has a water column pressure of 10,000 mm

The water column pressure stated for the jacket, refers to a measurement of the fabric's water resistance. It indicates the amount of water in millimeters that can be pressed against the fabric, before water begins to permeate and soak through.

When it comes to waterproof materials, a waterproof membrane or coating is often used. This can be a thin film or layer of material applied to the outer fabric. This membrane is designed to prevent water from penetrating the fabric, while allowing moisture and vapour (sweat) from the inside to escape, maintaining comfort for the person wearing the jacket.

Short softshell jacket with pockets, Oil Green, Image Short softshell jacket with pockets, Oil Green, Model
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