<strong>Choose a pair of shoes that fit you</strong>

Choose a pair of shoes that fit you

New wide-fit shoes? We answer your questions

Have you seen our extensive range of women's shoes? You'll find sandals and ballerinas for the summer, boots for the winter, and sneakers for all year round.

All our shoes come in a wide fit – specially made for the broader foot. There are many signs that wide-fit shoes might be the perfect choice for you. You might experience:

  • Your feet swell throughout the day, and you have to loosen laces or unzip zippers.
  • You often buy shoes that are too long for your feet – just to get the right width.
  • Your feet hurt, the shoes irritate, or you need to change shoes during the day.

Can you relate to the above? Then our wide-fit shoes might be for you. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our shoes:

How wide are the shoes – and are all shoes equally wide?

The shoes are designed based on the same foot model, so they all have the same width. They feature a wider sole than conventional shoe sizes and are generally more spacious around the toes and instep. This makes Zizzi's shoes ideal if you experience pinched toes or foot pain throughout the day.

If the shoes are a bit too wide – either in the sole or over the foot – you can insert an extra insole. This way, you get the benefit of the extra width, but tailored to your foot. Additionally, you can use a heel insert to ensure the shoe fits more securely. See here how to use a heel insert.

Moreover, many of our shoes come with various adjustment options to fit your foot perfectly.

"I wouldn’t be able to buy this type of shoe in a regular shop. But these shoes have extra space, elastics, and buckles, and the soles in the ballerina shoes are soft and supportive." – @camilla_plus

What adjustment options do the shoes have?

Many of our shoes can be adjusted to fit well on your feet, whether you have a high or low instep, or if your feet swell a bit during the day. Some shoes adjust with visible buckles or Velcro, while others use hidden elastics that ensure the straps stay securely on the foot without tightening.

Can the insole be removed?

The insole can be removed in all sneakers. In ballerinas and other open shoes, the insole is built into the sole. In boots, the insole is also fixed in place. In these cases, it is ideal to use an additional insole for even greater comfort.

Do the shoes have arch support?

There is built-in support in all shoes with a Comfort Sole (ballerinas, slip-ons). This means that even though the sole is initially thin, we've designed it to be comfortable. The sole features pads that support the arch and the ball of the foot.

Arch support is also incorporated into the shoes where possible. You can read more about this in the product descriptions for the individual shoes. If you require more support, consider using an insole.

How much do the shoes weigh?

The weight varies from shoe to shoe and depends on the construction of the sole. We make the shoes as light as possible without compromising on comfort. A chunky boot will be slightly heavier than a ballerina shoe due to the thickness of the sole, which is designed to be more durable.

"I have wide feet and sometimes they swell during the day. Zizzi's shoes are perfect for me because the soles provide support, and the shoes are comfortable all day long." – @marianne.bjerring

Have you tried our shoes yet?

If not, it’s about time. If you have more questions, you can always get answers by contacting customer service. Explore our selection and find your new favourite wide-fit shoes.