A day in my boots

A day in my boots

We have followed Ane and Alex on a day in each of their cities. Click on Ane or Alex and get an insight into her day.



7:30 AM - Ane is on her way to work

I usually start my days with a walk - either to the university or to work.

9:00 AM - At Zizzi's office in Aarhus, where Ane works with social media

12:00 PM - Lunch at Streetfood in Aarhus

Streetfood is a great place to taste the world's flavors. You can find food from all corners of the globe. I often end up with a delicious salad.

2:00 PM - Study time at Dokk1

The environment at Dokk1 is perfectly calm and inspiring for studying, and I often work there alone or in groups.

5:00 PM - Hunting for affordable dinner



7:00 AM - Morning walk to the gym

I slip into my favorite boots and head to the first stop of the day, which is the fitness center.

9:30 AM - Alex is on her way to work

I spend a lot of time outdoors - even when I'm going to work. And it's important to me that my shoes don't give me sore feet or blisters.

11:00 AM - Alex is working at the Zizzi store in Odense

2:00 PM - A visit to the local café

I love a good Matcha Latte, and Café Unika is close to where I live. So, I've become a regular there.

6:00 PM - Drinks at Café Skt. Gertrud

I'm very social with my friends, and my boots can easily be dressed up for a night out. They just go with any look.