Size guide - maternity wear

Size guide - maternity wear

The female body is amazing and changeable. Throughout life, it changes form and expression. And being pregnant means a beautiful, growing belly.

Our collection of plus size maternity wear follows the same sizes as always - but it takes the growing belly into account. Fits and cuts are carefully designed, keeping the pregnant body in mind and the variability that comes with it. Therefore, you will find cuts that particularly suit the growing belly. Of course, extra space for the stomach is also considered in both design and fits.

How to take your measurements How to take your measurements 2. Measure around the waist 3. Measure around the hip How to take your measurements

How to take your measurements 1. Measure around the bust 2. Measure around the waist 3. Measure around the hip

When you need to find the right size, it's best to start with your own measurements. In this regard, it’s a good rule of thumb that, when you need to find your measurements, you need to be able to place a finger between your body and the measuring tape. That way, when you wear clothes, they’ll fit comfortably without being tight. We work from three measuring points, as you can see in the illustration below.

To find the breast measurement, measure at the fullest place. The measuring tape should be horizontal and close to the body. If you are wearing a bra while measuring yourself, make sure that it is not too tight and the measurements become inaccurate.

The amazing thing about pregnancy is the change in the body. In particular, the waist's measurement changes throughout the pregnancy as the belly grows. That’s why we’ve designed our maternity wear so that it can be used throughout the whole pregnancy; the clothes follow the belly - regardless of what your waist size is.

You will find your hip measurement by measuring at the widest place around your hips. Keeping the measuring tape horizontal and close to the body will give the most accurate measurement. We recommend that you measure directly on the body without clothes on.

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Size table

Are you in doubt about the size? Initially, use your regular Zizzi size. The clothes are designed to make room for the pregnant belly.

Zizzi Size Chest measurement Waist measurement Hip measurement
42 S 107 cm 91 cm 111 cm
44 S 112 cm 96 cm 116 cm
46 M 117 cm 101 cm 121 cm
48 M 122 cm 106 cm 126 cm
50 L 127 cm 111 cm 131 cm
52 L 132 cm 116 cm 136 cm
54 XL 137 cm 121 cm 141 cm
56 XL 142 cm 126 cm 146 cm
58 XXL 147 cm 131 cm 151 cm
60 XXL 152 cm 136 cm 156 cm
62 XXXL 157 cm 141 cm 161 cm
64 XXXL 162 cm 146 cm 165 cm