3 ways to style your turtleneck

3 ways to style your turtleneck
3 ways to style your turtleneck

We probably all have a well-known relationship with the turtleneck. Some people love it and use it weekly, and others place it in the back of their closet. But the turtleneck is anything but boring - it can be styled in a myriad of ways and has become an indispensable part of many wardrobes around the world.

And what you may not have known, the black turtleneck in particular has gained cult status in the signature outfits of creatives across the world. This has been used as a kind of simple, everyday counterpoint to a creative mind. The popularity of the turtleneck has been led by creative minds such as Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s and Steve Jobs, who always wore jeans, trainers and a black turtleneck. It was a signature trend. On the one hand it was simple - and on the other hand, an outfit that always works.

Regardless of changing trends, the turtleneck is quite fantastic to have available in your closet. If you don’t yet own your own top with the characteristic polo neck, we offer 3 suggestions on how to style the beloved top.

The top here is sleeveless and made of a beautiful, ribbed material. See all our tips and tricks that will work with all kinds of turtleneck tops.

Layer-on-layer: Under a blazer

Layer-on-layer is a go-to styling for many of us, but wearing too many layers can easily get hot. Especially in the summer, when you might want to wear a blazer or cardigan to work, a sudden, unexpected sweat may be lurking around the corner. The solution? Drop the sleeves on the turtleneck top! This way you avoid too many layers in your outfit and get more mobility for the arms because you get rid of the extra layer of fabric.

If the set still gets too hot on a beautiful summer day, you can always throw on a blazer to make a great fit.

Trendy and casual: The detail under a jumper

The last couple of years, we’ve all spent more time in casual clothes than ever before. Sweatshirts and soft trousers are no longer reserved for a Sunday on the couch - far from it! This comfortable set can easily be upgraded and made a little trendier by - yes, you guessed it - letting a turtleneck be visible underneath your jumper.

Sometimes, the tiny details elevate a specific look. The turtleneck under a jumper is an extremely easy and stylish take on the trend, and it also makes the cosy outfit look well-thought-out and even cooler.

Here you can play with the colours. As a rule of thumb, a jumper with light undertones fits best with a white turtleneck top - like here, where we’ve used a white top underneath a light blue jumper. Conversely, the dark undertones, such as dark green, dark brown and the like, are best paired with black colours.

Cool and summery: Underneath a dress

T-shirts and tops underneath a dress - does it evoke memories? We last saw the look in the late 90s and early 00s, but now the cool styling is back as a trendy, quite practical and excellent go-to look.

A turtleneck underneath a dress looks especially great if the dress is a little more low-cut. It's also extra smart if you're going straight from work to a party or from coffee in the sun to dinner and wine. If you throw away the top and add a little jewellery, the expression is completely changed in a few minutes.

Have you become more obsessed with the turtleneck? Understandable! There are so many more ways to use the top, so just throw yourself into playing with layers and finding the colour combinations that work for you.