<strong>How wide fit shoes can alleviate bunion pain</strong>

How wide fit shoes can alleviate bunion pain

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If you suffer from bunions on your feet, you know how difficult it can be to find the right footwear. Bunions, whether on the big toe, little toe, or other parts of the foot, can cause pain, especially during long periods of walking or standing. A simple way to alleviate bunion pain is by choosing shoes that fit well and provide enough space for your feet.

In this article, we will explore how wide fit shoes from Zizzi can be an effective solution for alleviating bunion pain.

What are wide fit shoes?

Zizzi’s wide fit shoes are specifically designed for broad feet. These shoes are created with extra width and roominess to ensure a comfortable fit. Our wide fit shoes come in various types and designs, including boots, trainers, sandals, and more, so women with broad feet can find the right footwear for any occasion without compromising on comfort.

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How our wide fit shoes can help you

Here are four excellent ways wide fit shoes can be an effective solution for alleviating bunion pain:

1. Less pressure on the bunion

Wide fit shoes provide more space for the forefoot, which can help distribute the pressure on the foot more evenly, thereby reducing discomfort and pain in the bunion on the outside of the foot at the big toe and little toe. The extra width gives your toes and forefoot more space, distributing the pressure more evenly, which reduces discomfort and prevents bunion pain. By choosing shoes that fit correctly and do not put pressure on the bunions, you can prevent further development of bunions and other foot problems.

2. Reduces friction and rubbing

If you experience painful friction and rubbing on the bunion, Zizzi’s wide fit shoes could be the solution. Wide fit shoes with soft and padded materials can reduce friction and rubbing against the inside of the shoes, preventing further irritation of the bunion.

3. Support and stability

Zizzi’s wide fit shoes are designed with extra support and padding, which can alleviate pain throughout the foot, including the bunions. The extra padding absorbs shock and provides a more comfortable feeling when walking. Comfort is essential for the feet when suffering from bunions to avoid worsening the pain further.

4. Custom fit

Many of our wide fit shoes offer various adjustment options such as Velcro straps, laces, and buckles. This allows you to customise the shoe to your unique foot shape and individual needs. If you have a bunion on the side of your foot, adjustable shoes are particularly beneficial. You can adjust the shoe to avoid pressure on sore areas and provide extra support to the bunion where needed.

Greater comfort with insoles

Insoles can also be a solution to alleviate your pain as they both correct and provide support. Insoles help distribute weight and pressure evenly across the entire foot. By reducing pressure on specific areas, including the bunion, insoles can prevent overloading and thus reduce pain and discomfort.

Good support can also prevent overpronation, which can often worsen bunion pain.

Where can bunions occur?

It is important to choose the right shoe to alleviate pain from bunions on the feet depending on where your bunions are:

Bunions on the big toe:

Bunions that form at the base of the big toe are among the most common. Wide fit shoes are particularly useful here as they offer a wider toe box that allows the big toe to spread more naturally. This reduces pressure on the bunion and minimises friction against the shoe.

Bunions on the little toe:

A bunion on the little toe occurs when there is too much pressure on this part of the foot, often caused by too narrow footwear. This can be due to the foot's natural shape, but over time, the forefoot can also become broader, increasing pressure on the bunion. For those who experience bunions on the little toe, it is important to choose shoes with a wide fit and enough space for the toes. This can alleviate discomfort, prevent, and avoid further irritation or sores.

Bunions on the top of the foot:

Many people experience a bunion or bump on the top of the foot, usually over the middle foot bone of the big toe or second toe. This is a reaction to overuse caused by footwear. People with a high arch can experience extra pressure on the top of the foot when they wear shoes that do not provide enough space or support. It is important to choose shoes with good space for the instep and padding that can reduce pressure and pain associated with bunion formation on the top of the foot.

Bunions on the heel:

Although bunions on the heel are less common, wide fit shoes with a heel counter can help reduce pressure and friction against bunions in this area. Extra padding and support in the heel are crucial to improving stability when walking.

Choose the right shoes for bunions

When choosing wide fit shoes to alleviate bunions, there are several factors to consider:

  • Fit and space: It is crucial that the shoes fit properly and have enough space in the forefoot to accommodate any bunions without causing rubbing or discomfort.
  • Support: The shoes should provide adequate support to reduce strain on the bunion. Good support also helps maintain correct foot position, which can help alleviate pain.
  • Padding and cushioning: Choose shoes with sufficient padding and cushioning. This is important for reducing pain and reducing the overall strain on the feet, especially when you have bunions.

Find the right shoes for bunions at Zizzi

Bunions do not have to be a permanent source of discomfort. With the right shoes, you can reduce the pain of bunions. At Zizzi, we only have wide fit women’s shoes specifically developed for those with broad feet.