Tips and tricks for hair and makeup on the wedding day

Tips and tricks for hair and makeup on the wedding day

Do you lack inspiration for hair and makeup for your wedding day? Look no further! Our skilled stylists give their best advice for the perfect hair and makeup that suits you specifically - and your wedding dress.

On your wedding day, you should of course feel perfectly beautiful. And if you yourself think you look gorgeous, then the person at the end of the aisle certainly does as well. Your wedding is a big occasion - whether the celebration is huge and extravagant or cosy and intimate. Read here and get the makeup artist's tips and the hair stylist's best suggestions on hair and makeup on your big day.

The most beautiful version of yourself: Simple and wonderful makeup

When it comes to makeup on your wedding day, it can be an advantage not to stick out too much. Regardless of the dress or the size and frame of the wedding, the makeup artist's best advice is to keep the makeup simple and natural. Here, makeup artist Mette Schou lists her five keywords for elegant bridal makeup that lasts all day - and night:

1. Simple. Do not try anything new on your wedding day. Stick to what you know works best for you.

2. Natural. Let your look shine through. Apply a timeless and natural makeup that highlights your features.

3. Durable. Use a primer and a setting spray so that the makeup lasts all day and night.

4. Fresh and with a glow. Use a nice highlighter on the cheekbones, a fresh pink blush and soft, kiss-ready lips - perhaps a lip balm with a little tint in it.

5. Waterproof. Choose a mascara that lasts for moments with tears of joy.

The most important thing is that you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. With these 5 tips in mind, you are at least guaranteed a makeup look that is elegant and suits you. There won’t be any risk of looking back at your wedding photos with disgust over a makeup look that was probably trendy but not so elegant in a few years.

4 beautiful hairstyles you can easily copy

Now that the makeup is in place, what about the hair? There are endless directions to go here, and it might make sense with an updo or elegant curls that differ a little more from what you would normally do.

Hair stylist Julie Garrett offers four suggestions for the perfect hairstyle on your wedding day – these will match four different types of dresses and bridal looks:

1. The romantic look is unpretentious and free in its expression. The soft and gorgeous waves give a relaxed but festive vibe.

2. The elegant look is beautiful and classic. Here is a strong and feminine hairstyle that has a lot of character. At the same time, it gives room for the bride's beautiful features to be in focus.

3. The modern look is cool and casual. Everything is styled and thought through, but here we’ve gone away from what is reminiscent of traditional bridal styling.

4. The simple and beautiful look is based on strong and healthy straightened hair that gives a very clean expression. The hairstyle is extremely feminine and supports the glow of the makeup.

There are many paths to choose from when it comes to getting your hair done. But hopefully you’re a little closer to choosing a hairstyle with these tips from the hair stylist.

The most important thing is that you can recognise yourself in both your hair and makeup on your day, and that you see yourself in the mirror thinking "wow". And remember, the lucky person you’re saying yes to has chosen you for who you are. With a loving smile on your face, you always have your most beautiful feature with you.

With a loving smile on your face, you always carry your most beautiful feature with you