The floral season: Colours in full bloom

Spring means flowers, and the new arrivals on the shelves right now are bursting with colours and feminine prints. With prints, we’re looking forward to a season of blossoming flowers as we get ready to drink cool white wine at pavement cafes or in the garden, or coffee in the afternoon sun while enjoying the beauty of nature.

We sat down for a chat with Anne Katrine Fuglsang and Rebecca Nørgaard of Holly Flower Studio - a modern flower workshop in the heart of Copenhagen. The two florists have a creative and playful approach to flowers, and they’re the ones responsible for the flower installation shown in these pictures. Read on and see why we are really so drawn to flowers, whether on the windowsill and as a print on spring dresses.

When it comes to flowers, we work with trends – just like in the fashion world

“Flowers create joy and have done so for many generations. However, we’re now seeing a more frequent tendency to work and decorate the home with floral arrangements. Just 10 years ago, flowers were only used on special occasions or funerals. Now, they’ve become a regular part of home interiors and a luxurious item you can also buy as a treat for yourself.” - Anne Katrine & Rebecca, Holly Flower Studio

Flowers really are a sight to behold. They’re a reminder that brighter days are coming and that somewhere in the world there are colours in full bloom. This is exactly the feeling that the spring campaign aims to encapsulate. A feeling of high spirits, playfulness and joy. Of the campaign’s floral decoration, Anne Katrine and Rebecca say:

Of course, we have chosen flowers that are in season during the spring. We’ve used poppies, French anemones, mimosa, buttercups, tulips and more. To give a little edge and modern touch to the flower installation, we have also added some more exotic flowers. These include anthurium & cymbidium orchids. The clothes are part of a colourful universe, and we have therefore also tried to find the same tones that are represented in the clothes.” - Anne Katrine & Rebecca, Holly Flower Studio

When it comes to flowers, we work with trends - just like in the fashion world. You may be familiar with dresses having special prints that are suitable for summer holidays by the seaside. Another might have a beautiful colour that makes it best suited for nights on the town. A ditsy floral print spices up an everyday look. In the same way, fresh flowers also serve as the foundation for the feeling you get when you enter a room. The world of flowers is an art that only unfolds more as you dive into different types, species and families.

“As a florist, it is important to have respect for each individual flower and know its form and effect. Therefore, we will usually visualize our idea for a concept as a sketched drawing or on a composite visual board. We always have a clear idea of where we want to end up." - Anne Katrine & Rebecca, Holly Flower Studio

Use spring outfits as a playful canvas - just as Anne Katrine Fuglsang and Rebecca Nørgaard create concepts with the flowers as a focal point.