Everyday Women

Everyday Women is a tribute to women and all of our similarities and differences in everything from lifestyles to body types to personal style. It is a platform for inspiration driven by a desire to develop and learn. A space where we make room for your style and your story, and where you can see other women flourish. Because we're all Everyday Women – from CEOs to shop assistants, full-time mothers to career women, creative souls to excel-loving organisers.

Everyday Women - 08.08.2023

Share your compliment - Be kind. Be you.

See 5 women's compliments to themselves and each other. You might even find inspiration to give a compliment.

Everyday Women - 22.03.2023

Be brave. Be you.

Watch a line of brave women stand in front of a camera and talk about what courage is to them.

Everyday Women - 08.03.2023

5 Everyday Women's selected outfits

Find inspiration for your new outfit here, where 5 lovely, brave Everyday Women have picked their favorite looks for spring.

Everyday Women - 01.12.2022

9 ideas for Christmas gifts

Need inspiration for your Christmas gifts? Then read on as three women talk about their Christmas wishes this year.

Everyday Women - 28.10.2022

Everyday Women: About 2 power women who inspire us

Read about power women and find out which outfits they recommend for festive occasions.

Everyday Women - 23.08.2022

How fashion affects courage and self-image

How can fashion affect your self-image and confidence? A young French woman shares her experiences.

Everyday Women - 18.08.2022

Everyday Women: Finding yourself

A young French woman tells us the experiences and challenges she has learned, who she is and what she stands for.

Everyday Women - 06.08.2022

Andrea Bunod on moving - and moving on

We hear about the challenges and opportunities that naturally come with moving to a new place.

Everyday Women - 28.07.2022

Andrea Bunod on growing confidence

We talk to a young French woman about her journey towards the new and unknown, and about her own personal development

Everyday Women - 22.07.2022

Everyday Women: The Parisienne’s 11 favourites

We follow a French woman through the streets of Paris. Get amazing tips for experiences, places to eat, shopping and more and let yourself be inspired through local eyes.

Everyday Women - 10.06.2022

Meet 6 Everyday Women

In this article 6 women share their thoughts about the confrontation with their bodies, being well-balanced in themselves, courage, role models, and much more.

Everyday Women - 27.05.2022

Everyday Women: The courage to be you

6 completely normal women explain how they use courage to be themselves and navigate a world full of expectations.

Everyday Women - 06.05.2022

Everyday Women - the first steps

As part of Everyday Women, we've gathered six ordinary women. Read their thoughts on courage, honesty and much more.