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Guides - 22.02.2024

1 pair of jeans - 3 body shapes

The perfect jeans - not an easy find, right? Here are our best plus size slim fit jeans - for 3 different body shapes.

Guides - 02.02.2024

What does denier mean in tights?

When shopping tights, you're bound to come across the term "denier". But if you're one of those people who don't know what that really means, we're here to help you.

Guides - 18.10.2023

Choose the Best Winter Jacket

Get help making the right choice when you're looking for your next winter jacket.

Guides - 13.09.2023

All You Need to Know About Transitional Jackets

Let us help you find your next transitional jacket so you're best dressed for the changing seasons.

Guides - 31.08.2023

How to choose the right rainwear

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right rainwear. We guide you on what to look out for so you can be sure to stay completely dry on a rainy day.

Guides - 11.07.2023

Guide: How should a bra fit?

Make the most of your bra by ensuring it fits correctly. Also, learn about 9 signs that indicate an ill-fitting bra.

Guides - 01.07.2023

How to avoid sweat stains under the arms

Are you one of those who frequently gets sweat stains under the arms? We provide our best tips to avoid them. And if the unfortunate event occurs, we also give advice on how to remove those unwanted stains.

Guides - 25.04.2023

3 suggestions: Best sports bra for large breasts

We give you our 3 best sports bras for large bust and help you with what to look out for.

Guides - 31.03.2023

Shapewear guide: finding the best shapewear for your body

Read about the benefits of shapewear and get tips on how to choose the right one for your needs and body.

Guides - 12.01.2023

Tips for washing knitwear

Get our tips on how to best treat knitwear when washing and drying these delicate materials.

Guides - 26.08.2022

Outdoor guide: Choose the right hiking wear

Are you going for a walk or hike in nature? Read more about our best clothing tips here.

Guides - 19.08.2022

5 tips: How to care for your leather boots

We give you 5 tips on how to best care for your leather boots so they can be used season after season.

Guides - 11.08.2022

The ultimate packing list for the holiday home

Not sure what to bring? We've made a list so you can set off with peace of mind

Guides - 18.07.2022

How to avoid chafing between your legs

Are you also bothered by chafing sores and the discomfort they cause? We’re here to help with a few tips!

Guides - 11.05.2022

Tips and tricks for hair and makeup on the wedding day

You should feel beautiful on your wedding day. We give you tips on how to style your hair and put on makeup for the big day.

Guides - 10.05.2022

Which bra should you choose?

There is a huge variety of bras to choose from, and it can be difficult to navigate through all the different types of functions. You can read more about the most popular variants here.

Guides - 22.04.2022

How to wash your bra

A good bra is essential, and it’s therefore important to take good care of them. Read our guide for washing your bras correctly.

Guides - 19.04.2022

Organic clothing: what you should look for

Read why organic clothing is a good choice if you want to take care of both yourself and the environment.

Guides - 27.12.2021

Unwritten rules for weddings: what to wear?

Learn about the unwritten rules that apply when dressing for a wedding.

Guides - 27.12.2021

How to choose the right ski jacket

We help you find the ski jacket that's just right for your needs.

Guides - 27.12.2021

Extend the life of your favourite clothes

Find tips to take the best possible care of your clothes so that they can be used again and again